Why another prepping blog?

Ever since Y2K I have kept a modest pantry which could see my husband and I through minor emergencies like snow or ice storms, inexplicable and unpredictable power outages or other temporary "invonveniences".

As various financial and other events developed worldwide, I began to see the real need to start seriously preparing (prepping) for possible longer term and more serious emergencies.

I began scouring the web for information on food storage, food preservation and disaster preparadeness. At first, what I read both daunted and terrified me. Could The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) really be eminent? How could I ever realistically prepare for it?

With time I have come to the conclusion that many of these doomsday, worst-case "Mad Max" type of scenarios are completely unrealistic. The chances of surviving a nuclear holocaust, or asteroid impact are slim at best (nor do I think I would want to). However, there are a host of possible natural and and even man-made disasters which do occur throughout the world every year for which one CAN be prepared and survive, even in relative comfort.

While there are numerous blogs addressing survival and preparadness, many of them are focused on homesteading (like the "back to the land movement" of the early seventies), while many others place a heavy empahsis on self-protection (guns and ammunition). Neither of these are possible alternatives for the average North American suburbanite or city dweller who is concerned about their future and desires to "be prepared."

There are thousands of people who cannot "bug out" or "Get Out Of Dodge" (GOOD) . They may have health concerns which require quick and easy access to a hospital, they may be senior citizens, have physical disabiities, or have any number of other reasons which dictate that they do the best they can where they are already living.

Having spent hundreds of hours reading blogs and gathering useful information, I decided to share what I have learned with others who wish to be be prepared for hard times, whether these are caused by the forces of nature like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, draught, etc., or man-made emergencies such loss of job or national or international financial crises

Practical  Prepper