Friday, April 20, 2012

Good News for Cheese Lovers

Did you know that you can preserve cheese for up to 25 years without refrigeration using a simple wax-dipping method?

Yes, you CAN have your favorite cheese on hand, even in an emergency. All you have to do is buy blocks of your favorite Parmesan, Swiss, Edam or a sharp Cheddar cheese that you want now  and store for up to the next 25 years. As long as it's hard enough to be in a solid block, you can wax it.

Cheese wax prevents your cheese from developing mold or bacteria and it keeps the moisture in. Simply use a combination of dipping and brushing with a natural boar's hair brush to apply the melted cheese wax liberally to your block of cheese, let it harden, and you're all set.
1. Use cheese wax, not parrafin, as It tends to crack. Cheese wax warms slowly, heats to a higher temperature and sticks to the cheese easily.
2.Melt the cheese wax in a double boiler,not  direct heat. Any pan you use to melt your cheesewax in will be your designated cheese wax pan as they are impossible to get clean afterwards,
3. Avoid handling the cheese with your hands. Use food handling gloves.
4. Dip the cheese in the hot wax for about 5 seconds, then bring it out and HOLD it there for about 90 seconds.
5. Do 3 layers of dipping and then one layer of brushing. (Use a natural boar's hair brush)

Supplies Needed
Any hard cheese of your choice
Red Cheese Wax
Cheese Wax Brush
Regency Natural Ultra Fine Cheesecloth

See the Video presentation: Cheese Preserving With Waxing Method

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