Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surviving In An Urban or Suburban Setting

If you read enough hardcore prepper websites  you'll quickly get the impression that in order to survive an economic breakdown you should be fleeing to the country.

How realistic is that? A mass exodus from all the cities and towns?  Even if just one percent of the combined population of Canada and the USA decided to relocate to rural regions, that would be well over 3 1/2 million people on the move!

I personally do not understand the reasoning behind this mindset. I believe the concept of a "Mad Max" type of scenario is rather far-fetched.

Why assume that when the SHTF all the cities will burn to the ground ? Why assume that those who remain in cities or towns will all die of starvation or be murdered by roving gangs of thugs or zombies? Do you really believe that if (or when)  the dollar collapses, so will any semblance of civilization? 

History does not support that supposition.  East Berlin, Beirut, Argentina, Yugoslavia and  the Weimar Republic are historical examples of economic collapses. They didn't happen overnight. They happened slowly enough to show us that government and the people can adapt and avoid absolute chaos.

Things will probably get really bad. Prices will soar. Food and other supplies will be scarce and exhorbitantly expensive, when they are available. There may be disruprions in electrical and other services. There will be rioting and looting, and personal safety and security will be a major concern.

But there is no reason to believe that you would be better off in the country. The criminal gangs will soon head into the countryside, knowing  the police will be too occupied in the city to respond in time, and they will  know people in the country have lots of food and weapons. Unless you have a personal army at your disposal, your very isolation can easily be your downfall.

If you  prepare now, while there is still time by stocking your pantry with food,  medical supplies and other necessities  so that you don't have to rely on outside sources, and see to your home security, there is no reason you cannot survive in an urban or suburban setting. 


  1. I so agree with you. We live in the suburbs of a fairly large city in an area not prone to any natural disasters, but have been worried for a while now about the state of our economy and the rising prices of food and gas especially. We started "prepping" about three months ago. Lots of blogs which just stress buying guns, guns, and more guns. How many guns can one person use at a time? Sounds like they will be part of the problem if a crisis develops. we have no plans to leave our home. we have a little more faith in our fellow human beings than those doomsday foretellers.
    Mike and Carolyn in Suburbia

  2. Why do all those survival bloggers figure that an economic breakdown will create a Mad Max type of sitution? Have they ever even watched the Road Warrior movies? That scenario was based on a nuclear holocaust which destroyed civilization. Let's get real.

  3. Right On! The idea that the nuclear bearing powers would anilhilate each other (and
    themselves in the process) is ludicrous.
    Even EMPs from massive Solar Flares would not burn down cities and buildings.
    An economic crisis, no matter how devastating to the individual or country does not
    mean Armaggedon!!

  4. If nuclear powers annihilate each other, unless we have a bunker far underground, well-stocked, it won't matter whether we live in the city or country. I live in a small, Southern town, about 30 miles from a nuclear reactor, so that is my only real, present worry. There is no way I could evacuate in time. I intend to stay where I am.